"Soaring harmonies and cryptic lyrics, which hint at a private world into which we are invited and reluctant to leave"

- Mary Long - The CoolRidge Review

 "Idle Stranger - Extraordinarily enchanting instrumentation combined with its absolutely impeccable vocal work is guaranteed to engross an expansive audience" 5 Stars *****

- Dave Simpson - Pure M Magazine

"Intricate melodies with some of the most standout, superbly lush harmonies which have the power to spellbind all within a quick hot second" - EQ MUSIC

"The bands vocals blend perfectly giving a melody that is honey to the ears and irresistible" - Indie Band

"Atmospheric voices and exquisite guitar" - SEEN Magazine

“What makes this band so unique are the vocal abilities of all three siblings. Miccoli does not rely on instruments to convey their message or fill the silence. Their gentle music simply amplifies their whimsical vocals, creating melodies that sound otherworldly”.
  - Sheila Walsh - Shutter 16 Magazine

"In short, their sound is just beautiful…ethereal, wafting, mesmerising. In short they take us away on a wave of gorgeous melody" Lisa Hafey -  Essentially Pop

"I get the same type or chills playing Miccoli's music as I do when I slap on some Fleetwood Mac. I can sense the interrelationships and family bonds that can be painful yet unbreakable" - Bob Crabtree - Artists For Your Earbuds

"Exquisite sibling harmonise"
                       - Aled JonesBBC Radio 2 

“You can hear the influence of The Police in the vocals, along with vestiges of the po-mo blues indicative of Simon and Garfunkel..... listeners can pick out the various influences that have combined to produce Miccoli’s unique sound.”  Rany Radic - The Huffington Post